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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 24, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. >> a rallying cry to the world today, reject violence extremism. good morning and thanks for joining us. >> at the united nations in new york this morning, president obama called on countries to join in the u.s.-led war on isis. he said it would require a look at why young muslim men join groups like isis and requires a sustained military attack. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: president obama came to the u.n. general assembly after another set of u.s.-led strikes against isis. four in iraq by u.s. war planes and one in syria where an arab
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nation helped. and the president asked, what other nations will join the coalition? >> and whether we will come together to reject the cancer of violent extremism. >> reporter: the president is working to rebuild trust in u.s. leadership in the russia-ukraine, fight against ebola, and isis terror. >> and we have not confronted forcefully enough the intolerance, sectarianism, and hopelessness that feeds violent extremism in too many parts of the globe. >> reporter: today, a report that the violent extremist group khorasan said to be planning attacks on the u.s. homeland was said to be killed in syria yesterday. president obama warned extremists -- >> those who have joined isil should leave the battlefield while they can. those who continue to fight for
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a hateful cause will find they are increasingly alone. for we will not succumb to threats, and we will demonstrate that the future belongs to those who build, not those who destroy. >> reporter: we, meaning all u.n. nations, a call for war and cooperation. i'm steve handelsman, new york. meantime, more brutality from isis militants announcing today they have killed the french hostage they kidnapped in algeria. the video was released a few hours ago. isis had threatened to kill the 55-year-old man in france did not stop its role in the air strikes in iraq. firefighters responding to some sort of hazardous materials incident in newark, at a newark gas company on central avenue. it is unclear what kind of hazardous materials are on the scene, but fire officials tell us the situation is contained to
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that one building and there are no injuries at this point. there is also no threat to the public. we will continue to follow this developing story and bring you more information as we get it. the san francisco fire chief is being asked to resign by some of the men and women in her own department. the chief is under fire for what some city leaders are calling a crisis. the fire commission received data that said in august it took ambulances more than 20 minutes to respond to more than 370 calls for life threatening emergencies. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live at san francisco city hall where the firefighters union are expected to deliver a letter of no confidence to the chief. good morning, steph. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. it's multiple groups we're talking about, not just one, but i did speak with the local firefighters union, which said the group will be delivering the letter of no confidence to the mayor at city hall by the end of the day. we did catch up with the mayor this morning and it sounds like he is still confident in the
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fire chief but adds there must be much more dialogue before he takes any action. >> i'm confident the chief is doing well. she's responded to all of the things that we asked her to pay attention to and are working together on projects like making sure our ambulances show up at a quicker time, so we just want to make sure that there's a respectful feeling about the management there and we're going to take the letters here and have a lot of conversation with people about that. >> reporter: this follows a meeting this week involving a couple dozen union members representing rank and file in the department. they all agree the department has been suffering a downward spiral in quality and efficiency the last few years and needed to loop the mayor in. >> it's not a great day for me, for sure. >> reporter: the chief yesterday acknowledged there are problems but she feels they stem from the unions and perhaps office politics. >> there are cases frankly people are not happy with doing
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things differently than maybe my predecessors would have done. >> reporter: the mayor adding there's still a lot to sort out here. >> you're talking about someone who has probably over 20 years of experience within the fire department, and so that's why it's unclear as to what the goal is here. >> reporter: one union representative telling me this morning the fire chief has to be the one to take accountability for a slew of problems with the administration, including one with the fire house where there's been complaints he says for years about mold and infestations and leaking but it wasn't until an independent inspection happened that the city shut down the fire house. another complaint the department received money for 16 new ambulances, but two years later they are still not here. that same representative telling me it is unclear when exactly the letter will be delivered and at least for his group, it wants to have the mayor have time to look at the letter, look it over, and sit down and talk to
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them before having any sort of conference. so we'll keep you posted here on nbc bay area and live in san francisco at city hall, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> certainly not the first time we've heard about the ambulances being delayed. thanks, steph. update now to tragic news from this morning. we're learning an elderly man was struck and killed last night in san jose while crossing a busy street near 101, about 12:30 a.m. this morning. police say the man was not in a crosswalk, they say the driver stayed at the scene and do not believe he or she was on drug and alcohol at the time. the victim's name is not currently being released. a bicyclist hospitalized after a car hit him in fremont this morning just before 8:00 in the morning. the extent of the injuries are not known, but the cause of the crash there, as well, is still under investigation. homicide detectives are trying to figure out who killed two men in san jose. they were shot to death around
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9:00 last night on rancho drive near monterey road, near the el rancho steakhouse. when officers arrived, they found two men and a woman shot at least once. the men died at the scene. the woman was taken to the hospital and we're told she is expected to survive. investigators used cruisers and a helicopter to search for the suspect throughout the night but admit they don't have much to go on right now. a warning for people in a quiet neighborhood after gunmen kidnapped a woman in the middle of the day and then robbed her. it happened yesterday just before noon. police say the woman was in front of her home when she was approached by a man wearing a dark hat, dark glasses, and with his face hidden. he pulled out a gun and made her drive him to the bank and drain her accounts. then they drove back to her neighborhood where he got out of the car and ran away. police say they are hoping that someone in the woman's neighborhood has surveillance cameras and the video will perhaps get a glimpse of the
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suspect. san jose police also hope surveillance video will help them find the men behind the heist at a south bay luxury car dealership. a group of men caught on a surveillance camera in san jose last friday. investigators say they broke into the dealership, stole a bunch of keys, then drove several luxury cars off the lot. some of the cars were valued at more than $200,000 a piece. police are investigating similar burglaries in santa clara and belmont, as well. police are wondering if two men arrested yesterday know anything about the heist. the two you see right there, both from oakland, are charged with stealing cars from two san mateo dealerships last month. police are questioning them to see if they know anything about the robberies in the south bay and the peninsula. a routine traffic stop led to two big arrests on the peninsula. an officer pulled over a car on sunday and discovered the woman driver and man who was her passenger were on probation for
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burglary and identity theft. the officers searched the car and found two bags filled with mail addressed to various people in menlo park, woodside, and the valley. both from hayward, were then quickly arrested. all of that mail and packages have since been returned. now to a story that's gripped the state, the latest developments in the largest wildfire burning right now in california. firefighters in eldorado county face a second straight day in attempting to contain the ma massive king fire. the latest report showing the fire now at 38% containment. nearly 93,000 acres have now burned in the area of pollock pines. 12 homes and 56 small buildings are confirmed to be destroyed. some 12,000 more homes are still threatened. emergency crews are swarming the tarmac at sfo, but right now there's no need to be alarmed. they are taking part in an
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important emergency exercise to help prepare for real life accidents. bob redell is there live. this is a drill that's more important considering the crash that happened just last year, right? >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. this drill is significant, because it's the first major, the first wide scale safety exercise at sfo put on since the crash of asiana flight 214, the 777 aircraft which crashed nearly 15 months ago, killing three passengers. >> all units, this is a drill. >> reporter: there you can hear the training for a similar scenario this morning. in this case, it's another wide bodied aircraft, boeing 767 crash landed with 250 passengers and crew onboard. 20 agencies involved in this response. the goal, to get better at
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staging equipment around the crash site and triaging the wounded. today's drill will incorporate a new emergency alert system, something not available during asiana and make sure everyone is on the same radio frequency. during the asiana crash, they were on various frequencies, something they'll test out today. the feds require sfo to conduct these type of drills once every three years and yet the airport chooses to hold it on an annual basis. >> for us we find the more often we do this, the more it becomes an automatic behavior for first responders. one of the things that went well for us last year was the seamless integration of so many agencies, that comes from constant and rigorous practice and that's what today is all about. >> we increased how many units we send down here, and a lot of that came from the ntsb investigation and the faa recommendations, so it's a good
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thing, and i'm proud of our department and the steps they've made. >> reporter: you'll recall that two san francisco fire rigs ran over one of the passengers, a 16-year-old girl laying outside the aircraft during the asiana crash. she was covered in foam. you'll notice in this morning's video the training did not specifically deal with that kind of scenario, in which trucks had to be directed around passengers on the ground. back out here live, you'll notice the 767 aircraft is designed -- acquired by the airport within the past few months, you can see it's designed and been outfitted specifically for these types of training exercises, something they'll be using from here on out, today being the first day they incorporate it into one of their drills. reporting live at sfo, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> how things might have been different had this happened before. thanks, bob. coming up next, why one of the bay area's biggest counties
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suddenly has hundreds of job openings and is having trouble filling them. is the pool business drying up? we'll tell you why some places in the bay area are seeing fewer pool permits. the good news is, we are officially into our rainy season and we've got a well defined area of low pressure on the way to the bay area. it's still a couple hours out, but producing rain showers here. but as we head throughout tonight and tomorrow morning, measurable rainfall, some cities could pick upwards of two inches of rain before this thing is done. your full forecast in just moments.
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welcome back. cal state university are taking extra steps to prevent sexual assault on campuses. the system plans to have advocates on every campus here to fore. law makers hope this will inspire lawmakers around the country to do the same thing. uc is already taking similar action, as well. this comes after colleges nationwide have been under fire for their problems reporting sexual assault cases. san mateo high school closed
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today because of an emergency gas line repair after gas was smelled last night. out of caution, the district decided to close the school so testing could be conducted without students and staff present. no word yet on whether class will be back in session tomorrow. help wanted, but a bit of a problem, santa clara county has open jobs, why is it so high and what's preventing the county from filling the jobs? nbc bay area's marianne favro explains to us why. >> after a hiring freeze just three years ago, santa clara county is changing its tune. >> we have approximately 600 vacancies right now. >> reporter: the most job vacancies in ten years. the reason, the board of supervisors recently approved 380 new positions and last year 608 employees retired. most of the job openings are here at valley medical center. >> of the 600 openings, roughly
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30% are for nurses. >> reporter: the county is also looking to hire 206 sheriff's deputies. they've received more than 1,000 applications, but only 5% of them pass the physical test and background checks. about 15% of the openings are in social services. santa clara county human resources director john dam says the county officers competitive pay, but admits it may not be enough for high-tech applicants. >> with it jobs, we are competing against apple, google, yahoo! people like that. >> reporter: he also says it's a challenge to recruit people from out of state because of the high cost of living here, but he says while the county may not be able to compete strictly on salary, if you add in pensions and benefits, the county is a great employer and he's hoping this time next year there will be hundreds of new employees attending this diversity rally. marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. also in santa clara city, where the council has voted on a resolution opposing domestic violence, but some say last night's pressure doesn't go far enough. what was approved was a revised version of the original resolution which called for the benching of 49ers player ray mcdonald. last night's version makes no mention of mcdonald, nor the 49ers. critics say it was watered down because of its new relationship with the team. however, a women's organization says it is okay with the new resolution. mcdonald continues to be the only active nfl player facing domestic abuse charges and still taking to the field. the san francisco city leaders and downtown developers are currently at odds right now, still at odds, about the future of the transbay transit center, despite talks last night. now the developers say they don't like the terms.
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they say the deal locks them into property rates that are not comparable with current rates and puts additional taxes on them instead of giving them tax breaks, but that deal really fell apart when some developers refused to say they would not sue the city. starting today, the south bay's valley transit authority is predicting realtime train arrivals. announcements will be made through platform speakers and electronic signs. right now the program is only in the testing phase. there's no time table on an official launch. here's a question for you, is the backyard pool going out of style and not because of the weather? answer is, it might be. some bay area cities say they are seeing fewer pools being built and others torn out. as nbc bay area's scott budman reports, the drought is partly to blame. >> reporter: it's never a quiet day poolside for terry. terry owns a-1 pool remooufrl and he's busy these days.
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>> i have more work than i can do. >> reporter: largely because of the drought. which has some bay area pool owners like cupertino steve bing, rethinking their backyard pool. >> i think that's a waste of water. >> reporter: in fact, some cities report a drop in new pool permits, while pool removals are on the rise. call it a causality of the water shortage. >> right now, because of the his teric over conserving the water, a lot of people bring that conversation up first with me. >> reporter: so they'll spend thousands to have terry rip their pool apart, creating relaxation for conservation. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i'm sure folks are not thinking about backyard pools right now, but are thinking about precious rain water. >> yeah, or at least a free car wash. >> totally.
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>> taking a live look here at ocean beach and you can see right on time the clouds steadily increasing and it's not the usual low clouds that we see over ocean beach. we have high and mid level clouds coming in ahead of a storm system that's going to start to impact us over the course of the next six hours, although it's hard to tell of this live picture overlooking the santa clara valley, clouds increasing throughout the day. let's talk about what is coming your way, because every time i check, this storm system is looking more and more impressive, more promising for some measurable rainfall totals all across the board and some cities may accumulate upwards of an inch of rain, so this is a big deal. we've been tracking it the past couple days and as of this morning, most promising outlook so far. 81 degrees for the south bay, 77 degrees on the peninsula, east shore's at 72 degrees, you're at your high right now. as front comes in, cold air comes with it. here's the deal, we have the storm system moving in, mild out there, you saw how sunny it was
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in san jose, but take a look at this well defined system. this looks like a winter storm, so there's two sides to every system. we're still on the warm side of that, indicated by spotty clouds out here wrapping around the center of low pressure. after the front comes through. but what is this front going to do? let's take a look at that. still about six hours from our showers in ukiah. steady rainfall about 8:00 tonight, all that activity starts to press into the central portion of the bay area by about 1:00 a.m. and then starts to work its way into the south bay. take a look at this, i stop the clock for you at 3:00 a.m. because it looks like the front is going to fall apart, but watch what happens instead. we pull up more moisture. this is the sub tropical moisture tap, what we call the weather game changer and it's looking promising to hit the entire bay area, including the south bay. this is really good news when it comes to our drought situation. how much are we going to get? let's talk about that.
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clearly the highest totals will come in where the storm system hits first, but look at some of the numbers that the models are projecting, over an inch of rain, half an inch for the north bay and a quarter inch for us here in the south bay. here's the deal, we'll get a little bit of a break, the cool air settles in for friday, warm in saturday, into sunday, and another round of rain taking shape towards the end of next week, so could this be a pattern change? we're hoping so. we'll keep you updated. back to you, sam and kris. >> our producer said make sure you bring your rain gear. i want to bring streamers and confetti, too. >> an go lashes. 11:23 right now on your wednesday morning. coming up, president obama under fire for what some believe was unpresidential. what he did that has some people feeling outrage. and, kris, we are learning the extent of the security breach at home depot that compromised millions of credit card accounts.
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what you need to know if you're a customer.
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a warning if you are a home depot customer. cyber thieves now trying to cash in on recently sold data. cyber authorities say some 56 million credit cards were compromised in a cyber attack earlier this month. banks are now alerting some customers to suspicious charges. investigators say some of the fraudulent charges have been traced to groups of accounts in specific zip codes. home depot now working with
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federal agents to track down the hackers. ruth bader ginsburg says she is not going anywhere, thank you. ginsburg has been under pressure to step down from some liberal groups. she turned 81 earlier this year. the concern is president obama's successor will be a republican amongst that group, anyway. ginsburg tells "elle" magazine she plans to stay on the job as long as she can do it full steam and will not know when it's time to step away. keeping with local congressional politics, president obama getting some heat for his latte salute. the white house posted this video on instagram yesterday. it shows the president exiting marine one with a cup of coffee while he salutes a marine. many call the salute unpresidential. while it is protocol to salute the commander in chief, it is not required for a civilian president to salute them right back. >> george w. bush saluted while
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holding his dog. >> you remember that? >> i remember that. if you are thinking about visiting one of the bay area's many museums, saturday may be the day to do it. smithsonian magazine is sponsoring a free admission day for 1500 museums around the nation. nearly 30 are here in the bay area, including the san jose museum of art. only catch is, visitors have to register in advance for tickets. >> sounds good. 11:28 right now on your wednesday morning. has pse&g done enough to check the electricity in northern california? >> two high ranking washington power brokers answered that question after watching our investigation. the hidden camera report by the unit coming up next.
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welcome back. more criticism this morning for pg&e following our exclusive investigation. this time coming from a former director of the cia. >> yesterday we observed
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questionable security of facilities that provide our power and some say easy targets for terrorists. nbc bay area reports. >> reporter: our investigation exposed potential holes in the utility's security net, failures that contributed to last year's attack on the san jose metcalf substation, failures exposed during last month's break-in at the very same pg&e substation, this time with security on site. >> it's surprising that they haven't done more at this date. >> reporter: he served as one of the nation's most powerful energy regulators apointed by president obama. >> this should be a wake-up call for this facility. >> you have a very serious vulnerability in the transformers, and they are the heart of the system. >> reporter: he served as director of the cia, appointed
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by president clinton. >> overall it looks like there's essentially no security. >> reporter: both have robust resumes in government and public service. we asked both men to review the findings of our nbc bay area investigations. 14 unannounced visits to nine of northern and central california's most powerful and critical electric substations. >> been out here 30 minutes and haven't had anyone ask me any questions. >> reporter: many have called last year's attack a game changer, more than 100 high powered rifle bullets destroyed 17 transformers and shut the substation down for nearly a month. not officially labeled a terrorist attack, but several high ranking federal officials have speculated it may have been a trial run for a more significant attack. did metcalf scare you? >> oh, it scared me to death. it still scares me today. >> reporter: why? >> because it's evident at least from the reporting that you've
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done that we have not taken substantial steps to, in fact, protect the physical security of these facilities. >> reporter: since the metcalf attack, the two former washington, d.c. power brokers have pushed for an overhaul of security of the electric grid. >> this is about the survival of the country and our society, and our way of life. it's not about the lights being out for a day or two. >> the level of risk and damage is so high that we should act very quickly. >> reporter: and that's the critical question, how quickly has pg&e reacted in the 17 months that have passed since that successful attack at metcalf? we observed and checked the pg&e security net during our unannounced visits. >> here we are standing in front of the substation with a wide open gate. >> reporter: we're outside another major facility, this is a thermal imaging camera. it helps identify the hot spots. >> reporter: staying on public property at many of the facilities, we were able to get
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close to several substations and transformers for extended periods of time without any questions or action by on-site security. how intimidating is the security presence you've seen so far? >> it wouldn't stop anything. i mean, it wouldn't. >> reporter: he's a military veteran with 20 years of experience in special operations. he's trained to identify risks and vulnerabilities. he observed the security net and reviewed the findings of our investigation. >> metcalf could be repeated across all the sites you showed me in less than 15 minutes. >> reporter: government reports dating back decades show these risks are not new. our research located this 1990 report to congress that included electric power systems are vulnerable to saboteurs with explosives or rifles and major metropolitan areas and even multistate regions could use virtually all power following simultaneous attacks on three to
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eight sites. and finally, utilities are taking some steps, but generally consider the risk to be too low to warrant large expenditures. you're the former special agent in charge of the fbi. >> yes. >> reporter: would you call pg&e's security right now high level security? >> yes, we have high level security there, yes. >> reporter: pg&e's director of security points to upgrades that include 24/7 guards, enhanced security cameras, and around the clock remote monitoring. >> our security is not overly visible to somebody just on the outside of the fence. >> we received a fence alarm. >> reporter: but the promises to increase security ultimately failed to stop this break-in last month. a full 17 months after that high powered multiround attack on the metcalf substation, vandals cut their way through perimeter fencing, undetected they entered the property and stole construction equipment. >> we certainly didn't want this
11:36 am
situation to happen. we want to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: here's why the break-in raises more questions about the quality of pg&e's so-called high level security. it happened in front of security cameras with two on site guards and crews reportedly monitoring metcalf from an offsite security center, and it went unreported for five hours. >> i think since it was at the same site and it was only separated by 18 months, that ought to be a matter of some embarrassment. >> we work every day to make sure our security is in place so we don't have another metcalf. >> reporter: pg&e's director of security made that statement nine days before the most recent security failure at metcalf. can you tell me today the attack on metcalf will not happen again in pg&e's area? >> i can't guarantee anything, right, but i know every day we're working hard to make sure our facilities are safe and secure. >> reporter: the most recent break in at metcalf and our
11:37 am
investigation exposed vulnerabili vulnerabilities. now two former high ranking government leaders are pressuring pg&e to respond and tighten its security network. has pg&e done enough? >> no. they certainly have not done enough at this point in time. >> reporter: from your vantage point, have the utilities moved fast enough to address security issues post metcalf? >> not only have they not moved fast enough, to a very great extent they've not moved at all in any important way. >> reporter: troubling? >> very. >> reporter: pg&e says it will spend $100 million over the next three years on enhanced security, but nearly 18 months after the metcalf attack, the utility declined to tell us how much it has already spent, state and federal lawmakers are in the process of increasing the security responsibilities on pg&e and other utilities and in d.c. the federal energy regulatory commission recently approved new standards, forcing utility companies to assess
11:38 am
substation vulnerabilities and make upgrades. the question we will continue to ask, how long will it take? nbc bay area news. >> they should certainly affect all of us. bigger is not always better. the complaints now that we're hearing about apple's iphone 6 when we return. plus -- >> for our kids with special needs to walk over and be a big shot somewhere is just incredible. >> the innovative idea one bay area teacher came up with that's put him in a national spotlight. and everybody here in the bay area excited about this, and it's looking more promising every single time i check. we've got rain on the way as of tonight. the big question is, are we going to tap into the atmospheric river? i'm going to tell you what that is and what that could mean for our forecast getting in the next 24 hours we could see flooding. lots to go over in your forecast just moments away.
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well, it's only a matter of days and already problems are surfacing with the new iphone. users are reporting their iphone 6 plus is bending while in their pockets. the name of this so-called problem, bendgate. you can see a user bend a phone with his bare hands and there were similar problems reported with the iphone 5. those owners were able to get a replacement. apple has yet to comment on the damaged phones. >> i don't think i'd be happy if my phone bent. >> fits into your pocket,
11:42 am
perfectly fashions on there. >> ergonomics. well, a local teacher treated like a big shot the past several months because he found a way for others to feel like big shots themselves. >> the others are special education students. here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas with our bay area proud series. >> reporter: it was keith's dream at one time to play professional baseball. the oakland technical high school teacher doesn't recall if he had a good game or a bad game the day the scouts came to watch. either way, the call never came, or at least it didn't until decades later for a very different reason. >> you're saying that's the ones underlined. >> reporter: sometimes in order to understand just how dedicated a teacher is inside the classroom -- you've got to learn a little about their life outside of it. like in keith's case, what he
11:43 am
did outside the classroom for 16 years. >> so from '89 to 2005 i was doing both. that was kind of rough. >> reporter: keith is talking about his second job, handling bags at night and on weekends at san francisco international airport. all because his real passion, special education teaching, just wasn't paying the bills. >> no, not even close. i mean -- >> got to be there no later than 1:45. >> reporter: thankfully, keith says, that second job is a thing of the past, but going outside to help what happens inside is not. which explains why keith and these two oakland tech seniors are heading down the street to the elementary school at the end of the block. >> i think this is kind of part of what we're supposed to be doing, finding ways to have our kids fit in. >> reporter: you see, eight years ago, keith started a mentoring program at oakland tech. during and after school, juniors
11:44 am
and seniors head to two elementary schools to help the teachers with whatever they need. >> all right, one -- >> reporter: it is available to all students, keith says, but worth the most to his special needs kids. >> for kids with special needs to walk over and be a big shot somewhere is just incredible for them. because it never happens. they are not a big shot anywhere. >> reporter: it is fitting, then, this past summer keith was rewarded for his work by something of a big shot, as well, one of 30 teachers from around the country selected to represent their local baseball teams, the a's in keith's case, at the major league all-star game. >> it was just -- as teachers we're all just kind of in shock. really, this is for us? >> reporter: just another reflection of the work this man does inside the classroom from outside. representing the a's is no small deal for keith. he says his love of baseball he
11:45 am
got from his grandmother and he was 14 years old when he went to the very first a's game at the coliseum and has been a fan ever since. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> what a fantastic story, garvin. remember, if you have a story that you think we should showcase in our bay area proud segment, just find garvin on twitter. we love doing those stories. you know what else we love? rain in the bay area, and it is moving in quickly. we've got this great looking area of low pressure, wrap around moisture moving in right on time, and the good news is, this thing's maintaining its organization also looking to likely pull up sub tropical moisture. so we're talking about a free car wash and possibly upwards of an inch of rain in places like healdsburg. i want to show what it looks like in tiburon. you can tell there's a storm brewing. high mid level clouds, and in san francisco, already seeing mostly cloudy skies develop out
11:46 am
there. this is what you can count on, mild conditions with increasing clouds, camera starting to get a shake to it, breezy to windy as the instability ramps up. tonight, north bay showers between 5:00 and 7:00, spreading to the south overnight, then the bulk of the moisture comes through tomorrow morning. we are going to see afternoon clearing, even when we meet back here tomorrow at this time, we're not going to have a lot to talk about, except the high surf expecting big waves, as well. let's move forward in time and talk about what we're expecting, stopping the clock at 8:00 p.m., good down pours at that point, mostly at the north bay coast, then stopping the clock in the overnight hours, 2:00 a.m., rich moisture, but it looks like it's going to fall apart. we stop the clock again at 4:00 a.m., it looks that way. but oh no, my friends, we get more moisture, start tapping into the pineapple express and it looks like this could produce
11:47 am
generous totals, even in the south bay, where we are typically shadowed by the santa cruz mountains. take a look, i'm getting really excited, because we need this rain and a half an inch in santa rosa would really do us some good. quarter of an inch expected in napa. i think we're going to pick up somewhere around a tenth of an inch to quarter, even areas south of the golden gate bridge. this is looking good and a good weekend, as well. good air quality, and temperatures start to climb. remember, we will be here tracking this for you. we get excited about it, we want to be accurate so we're going to be watching this, bringing you the latest on nbc bay area tonight, and all day tomorrow. yeah, this could be one for the railroad bo record books, guys. counting on the showers. back to you. >> hoping everyone slows down in the morning. >> for sure. changing the way starbucks and dunkin' donuts markets their
11:48 am
coffee. and why san francisco's oldest and most historic building is about to become the life of the party. coming up after nbc bay area nusz at 11:00 --
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determining how you buy your morning cup of coffee, a california nonprofit is suing starbucks, dunkin' donuts, and other chains saying cancer warning labels should be included on coffee drinks. the coffee for education research on toxins say caffeine contains a carcinogen. arguing under prop 65, cafes need to include a warning label stating the coffee includes chemicals linked to cancer. some experts say you would have to drink more than 100 cups of coffee per day in order to get a dangerous dose of that toxin. it is one of san francisco's oldest buildings. after a $30 million facelift,
11:51 am
the officer's club is throwing open its doors to anybody, everybody, nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. gives us a peek inside. >> richly layered in history. >> reporter: anything that survived the long, long time is bound to undergo a few changes. in san francisco's presidio, the old officers' club -- >> where san francisco was founded. walls around us at the back of the room are original spanish colonial adobe. >> reporter: the original spanish soldiers who came here in the 1700s liked adobe walls, the american soldiers who came later didn't. >> they resurfaced the building. >> reporter: as part of a massive new overhaul of the historic officers' club, all the generations of remodels are now on display. >> little like the winchester house, kept adding layers and layers. this room was peeled back the
11:52 am
layers. >> officer's club set to reopen at the latest and most elaborate models in its 240-year history and unlike the military which kept the public out -- >> biggest and best party pad. >> reporter: the new changes are designed to draw it in. >> here we are in the hall, originally built in the 1880s as an assembly hall where the officers and their families came together. >> reporter: the great hall will be a place the public can take in concert dances and lectures, kind of like the old days, and even the chow is getting an upgrade. >> the old dining room has been reimagined into a new restaurant that builds on the spanish and mexican history. >> reporter: the new restaurant even has a bar, a nod to the five military bars that once operated in the building. >> we're going to bring that dimension back to life. >> reporter: the officers' club now has a museum devoted to the many eras of life. >> california objects that are potentially thousands of years old. >> reporter: from the days of the indians to military times.
11:53 am
>> everything from military uniforms and weaponry to toys that children played with, the place is the story of the presidio. >> reporter: and that story is about bringing history forward. >> one part history, one part culture, and one part party pad. >> reporter: only this party pad has a very, very old soul. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> i like that, i'm going to start calling my house the party pad. >> has a certain ring to it. two new shows are premiering on nbc tonight. your sneak peek when we return.
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cops take center stage on nbc tonight on two cop dramas. >> also episode two for the new drama, "the mysteries of laura." nbc's mark varger has a look. >> i already paid $40 for this session. >> $40? i got a tire in my backyard. >> debra messing stars with a lighter side of cop shows, the mystery of laura has her jugg juggling a murder, twin sons, and a boss she wants to divorce. >> stop acting like a husband and start acting like a boss. new job as a foster mom in "the
11:57 am
law and order: svu." >> there were a few muscles she has to figure out and work with. everything's new, the baby's new, how to be a mom is new, how she feels is new. >> reporter: there's no doubt how she feels when the child's life is threatened by a convict during a murder investigation. and finally, on "chicago p.d.," one of their own is dead and scrutiny turns to the boss of the intelligence unit. >> you think any shot he was involved in the murder? >> are you out of your mind? >> a lot of unanswered questions, but regardless, we're a family. something happened to one of our family members, and it hurts. >> reporter: how the unit deals with that pain and solves the murder sets the tone for the second season of "chicago p.d." >> i guess we're staying up past our bedtime. >> impossible. time to sample all the new shows, see you for 5:00 thursday. >> bye.
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[ cheers and applause ] today on "access hollywood," why joan london's magazine cover. jt and "modern family" star gets an restraining order against her ex. >> and the reason why jessica simpson might bring her daisy dukes out of retirement. "access hollywood" starts right dukes out of retirement. "access hollywood" starts right now. captioning provided by the national broadcast company >> stand by camera two, we're live from new york in five, four, three, two, one. that ran pretty smooth for me during the week. i don't know what the problem is. everybody -- hypes the traffic. but -- i haven't noticed.


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